Hello everyone I am TacTic Tv. I want to first Thank you for sharing your time with me and visiting the site. I am humbled by the support and encouragement shown by all 127 of my subscribers over at my YouTube channel. Without you guys in the stream hanging out showing support, I would be nothing. A special Thank You page has been created on this site to    express how much you guys mean to me.

I stream everyday from my YouTube channel (TacTic TV) starting at 4 pm est. I am currently engaged in H1Z1 Open Beta for the PS4 console. Though I mostly run solos I am always down to play with subscribers when asked!

Please be aware that my streams are uncensored and real. I tell things like they are, I get mad and yell when I die, I teabag on occasion and most importantly of all I love being competitive.  I play to win and find myself winning often. If you were looking for a streamer that is real and treasures each subscriber , you’re on the right page!